Terrence Moore aka T-Mo

T Mo at UptownT-Mo has already established himself as a fixture on the local/national comedy circuit. Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, T-Mo’s career began in Atlanta, where he quickly made a name for himself at the Uptown Comedy Corner.

Within just two years of his stand-up debut, he was featuring at clubs throughout the Southeast, and T-Mo now performs at clubs, colleges, and casinos across the country.

T-Mo’s distinctive perspective on American life and politics combines with a laid-back, friendly delivery to create a wickedly clever and wildly funny act. His eye for the absurdities of modern politics and his unique writing style leave crowds in stitches. Audience members have called him “hilarious” and “hysterically funny”, while bookers have labeled T-Mo a “rising star”. Intelligent yet silly, T-Mo act is a hit in the North and the South, for crowds of all backgrounds and tastes. He still lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Club Work:
Funny Bone, Columbus, OH, Shreveport, LA, Richmond, VA and more
Improv, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA,
Uptown Comedy Corner Atlanta, GA
and now The Comedy House, Columbia, SC