Smokey Deese

Smokey DeeseSmokey Deese realized early in life that comedy was his calling and relished in the freedom of expression this art form brought. With an awe-inspiring dedication, he IS one of comedies rising stars. He puts exhaustive thought and practice in writing his material, analyzing his craft visually and mentally preparing his mind. He has spent ten years perfecting his technique and has proven himself to be talented, innovative, and gifted. He brings a positive attitude, complete with enthusiasm and love to his career.

Smokey Deese receives an overwhelming response of positive complements from promoters and peers across the country in regards to his talents. He approaches comedy by reliving lifes experiences and continues to surprise his audiences with his lax style and creative performance. His subtle approach hits with the force of a tornado sending crowds into a whirlwind of laughter. Smokey Deese is constantly humbling himself with the phrase Love the Art in you, not yourself in the Art, and lives by the motto, PERSONA is Who you are/ATTITUDE is What you are.

Smokey Deese has developed himself as a polished act. He continues his career headlining and featuring at various comedy clubs across the nation, locally and internationally. He has appeared on BETs Comic View, The Comedy Express and Que Loco.

Smokey Deese, called so because of his similarities in voice and eye color to the already famous Smokey Robinson, has many characteristics that make him an outstanding performer. He is achieving what promoters and producers worldwide have longed for bringing back the true art of the stand up comedian. Now residing in Compton, CA, Smokey is set on a nonstop pathway to stardom.