Rodney White

Rodney WhiteRodney tours in the South to many top stand-up clubs. His experience has put him on shows with; Nephew Tommy, Sommore, Arnez J., Mike Epps, Bruce Bruce, John “Pops” Witherspoon, Earthquake, Sheryll Underwood and D.L. Hughley.

He has done film work in The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, as well as radio commercial voice overs.

Birthday: 11/25
Hailing From: Miami Fla, Columbia SC
Home Club(s): Comedy House Theatre
Comic Inspirations: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Dudley More.
Favorite Working Comics: Earthquake, and Sommore.
Favorite TV Shows: 24.
Favorite Movies: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Favorite Books: Micheal Woods- Any Road I’ll Do.
Favorite Music: R&B and Country.