Nicci Hoo

Nicci HooNicci Hoo born Nicole Hooten is a Brooklyn born, Queens bred, writer, comedienne, & innovator. Raised by a single mother who always spoke her mind, it was inevitable that she would adopt the same habits.

Nicci has been doing comedy for over 5 years and has been killing audiences with her raw & unadulterated humor. Dubbing herself the “Queen of Realness”, Nicci doesn’t hesitate to give her opinion or observations exactly the way she sees it. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear it, but they may have been thinking it, so it’s my job to interpret it and put it out there”.

Never at a loss for words, Nicci keeps the laughter coming, and the audience entertained, with her quick wit and in your face comedy. Nicci has worked with some of the veterans in the comedy game has featured for major headliners all over the country.

Currently residing in Charlotte, NC, when she’s not on the road doing comedy she is continuously writing new material for herself and other comedians across the country.