Keedar Whittle

Keedar WhittleHow many people do you know have made a career change in life and have had much success after doing so? Well, introducing, Keedar Whittle. Not only is he on BET’s #1 hit show Hell Date, he is also the creator and host of the Funny as Hell Comedy Tour that is making its way across the country starring comedians of BET’s #1 hit show Hell Date. He was also in a movie that came out last fall titled The Comebacks and has landed 3 national television commercials. He has also been featured in several newspapers and magazines. But the roots of his career go deeper than that. Keedar is a native of Atlanta, Ga. After graduating from Norfolk State University in 2001, he began working as a science coordinator for 3 independent middle schools in Boston. It was during this time that he broke into the entertainment industry. He made his stage debut in a production G.R. Point. After winning several awards including best supporting actor for the entire New England area, Keedar decided to pack his bags and move to New York to pursue acting full-time.

Keedar realized that a successful acting career would have to be built on a solid foundation. This led him to Broadway where he studied at the famed Circle in the Square Theater, which has graduated familiar names such as Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives and Philip Seymour Hoffman who won a Golden Globe Award for his role in Capote and many, many more. During his tenure in New York, Keedar performed in Off Broadway and regional plays, and began doing standup comedy, which led to a touring commitment opening for comedian Finesse Mitchell all over the east coast. After 2 years, Keedar was ready for the next step, a move to Los Angeles to snap his career into overdrive. Since being in LA, he has shot three short films that hit the short film circuits, an improv sketch on Nick Cannon’s series Short Circuitz, and his first webisode titled The Untold Adventures of Lewis and Clarke, which was pitched to the Fox Network for their new online division.

Keedar Whittle as Nino on One Tree Hill
Keedar Whittle as Nino on One Tree Hill

Keedar has starred as Nino in 4 episodes of the CW’s One Tree Hill and has been continuing to tour with Finesse Mitchell throughout the midwest which is creating a strong buzz. He also has been hosting events across the country.

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