Jessie McDonald

Jessie McDonald @ the Comedy HouseComedian Jessie McDonald exploded onto the comedy scene over 10 years ago. Born with cerebral palsy, Jessie dealt with diversity when kids in school would try to bully him because he walked differently. Using quick wit, he realized that he could roast those who tried to tear him down. Never shying away from what others see as a hinder, He refused to let his handicap decide his fate. Jessie believes God has given him the tools, passion and the ability to reach to the top! Jessie has quickly become one of the most sought after stand-up comedians and motivational speakers of this generation. His fresh and unique approach to life is in itself amazingly hilarious! Comedian Jessie shows his vulnerability by inviting the audience into his life and intriguing them with extreme funniness.

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Jessie’s alter ego, Heat Stroke, comes to life as a male stripper who is “cut up”. The audience is immediately captivated by Heat Strokes moves and finesse. Jessie has built a household name while working with DeRay Davis, D.L. Hugley, JustNesh,Rickey Smiley, Luenell, JJ Williamson, Michael Blackson,Tommy Davidson, Cedric the Entertainer, John Witherspoon, Bruce-Bruce, Pierre Edwards, Lil JJ, Mike Epps and the list goes on! All are known as some of the best in the comedy game. You can also catch Jessie performing at some of the top comedy clubs and venues throughout the country, from Los Angeles to Atlanta. There is no end to what Jessie can do. Whether it’s acting, dancing, rapping.motivational speaking, or stand-up comedy, Jessie McDonald brings it and leaves his mark on everything he does.