Darren Brand

Darren “Big Baby” Brand, aka “The Energy God,” is quickly taking over the comedy realm with his infectious energy and talent. Now see him at the #1 Stand-up Comedy Club in South Carolina.

From his humble beginnings as the “funny man on campus” at North Carolina A&T State University, he gained traction in the comedy world on Freestyle Funny Comedy Show (FFCS) with comrades Chico Bean, BDaht, and OsamaBinDrankin.

Dominating seven seasons of MTV’s hit show, Wild’n Out, he is one of the only cast members to appear as a walk-on.

He is the breakout star of MTV’s digital sensation, Basic to Boogie, alongside Timothy DeLaGhetto. His ever-growing pod-cast Last Few Hits, and star presence on All Def Cannabis network, led him to the number one selling strand of legal marijuana in Las Vegas.

There is no doubt to how Big Baby has amassed over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 1M followers on TikTok. Be entertained at the Comedy House from this comedian, actor, all-around entertainer, and entrepreneur.