Courtney Jackson aka Goldie

Courtney Jackson aka GoldieShowered with praise,and lauded by fans shouting ” You should have won,” Goldie is determined to become one of TV’s hippest comediennes. Her contribution to VH1’s FLAVOR OF LOVE helped the show become the network’s second highest-rated and program ever! The first season of VH-1 reality show Flavor of Love was simply… out of control. That show, was must see TV.

Whether we liked it or not, we have to admit, at times it was hard to watch and even harder to change the channel. The spitting incident with Pumpkin, and who can forget Ms. New York? These two ladies became infamous, however, there was one person who always seemed to be the crowd favorite, who stayed out of most of the drama and managed to make it to the final four. Whether it was her southern accent, her big smile or her infectious personality, Courtney “Goldie” Jackson found a way to stay low key but still play the game.

Flavor of LoveCurrently living in LA, she travels across the country giving her comedic version of the tales of reality TV and other funny aspects of her life. There’s no denying that Flava of Love has helped her visibility, just as there’s no denying those experiences are a huge part of her act. She jokes about being nominated for an Oscar award after kissing Flav “that was some serious acting.”