Angel Salazar

Angel SalazarAngel Salazar is a Cuban-American comedian and actor.

“My act is a sexual experience…written by Edgar Allen Poe!” Angel Salazar, the man most known as Chi Chi from “Scarface” describes his stand-up act as only he could. A hurricane of hilarity, the pop culture icon has been performing stand-up since the early 1980s with a one of a kind show. Combining stand-up, improv, props, and costumes, Angel turns a headlining act into a energetic live action event. Much like the catchphrase he has been using since his beginning in the business, a comedy fan must “sheck it out!”

Angel has played many major roles including parts in Scarface where he played ChiChi next to Al Pacino and Carlitos Way as well as Where The Buffalo Roam with Bill Murray, Punchline with Sally Fields and Tom Hanks, also the cult film The Wild Life with Christopher Penn. He has opened for the Beach Boys, Billy Ocean, Whitney Houston, Van Halen and The Miami Sound Machine.

He is known internationally for saying “Sheck it out” (check it out).

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